5 Tips for caring for the leather jacket

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The leather jacket is an essential piece in the men’s wardrobe. Because it is a piece that fits for any occasion, regardless of the costume you will wear, it ends up becoming widely used on cold days. This makes it necessary to take some care with the piece made of leather.

Leather, when not properly cared for, ends up spoiling much earlier than it should, making you need to keep buying new pieces, when you could have used them for longer. Therefore, to make your leather jacket last longer, you should follow these tips:

1) Heat can damage the leather.

Leather in contact with heat can dry out, making your jacket really start to peel. Therefore, putting your jacket in the sun can be very harmful to her, causing it to be damaged and even deformed.

The same occurs with the iron. Avoid ironing this type of jacket, so as not to create further damage to the garment. But if it is really wrinkled, never put the iron directly on the leather, use some thick cloth over the jacket and iron the most wrinkled parts.

2) It is necessary to know how to store the jacket properly.

Storing the leather jacket in the wardrobe and leaving it with the other cold jackets can cause it to spoil. This is because the leather jacket needs to be kept in a cool and airy place, to avoid fungi.

Avoid storing this jacket in plastic bags, as they prevent the leather from breathing. So, find a more suitable place to store your jacket so that it has more time to use.

Don’t forget to leave it on a hanger to avoid unnecessary marks and dents. The wider the hanger, the better.

3) Never keep your jacket wet.

If you went out and got rain in your jacket, nothing to keep it like that. Before storing it, wipe it and then let it dry completely at room temperature before storing it.

The same goes for when you are going to wipe your jacket with a damp cloth to clean it. Before storing, make sure it is completely dry.

4) Hydrate the leather.

Leather can be hydrated so that it lasts longer, always looking new. To moisturize the leather you can use a regular skin moisturizer (no smell), with the help of a cloth.

There are products that are specific to moisturize leather. You can use them if you don’t mind spending a little more. However, a regular moisturizer should prevent the leather from drying out.

After applying the moisturizer, let it dry naturally before storing your jacket.

5) Washing must be done by a professional.

If you notice that the leather is in need of a good cleaning, it is advisable that you take it to a laundry, as there they will have the necessary equipment to clean, sanitize and dry your jacket in a way that does not cause damage.

If you take care of your jacket properly, cleaning and moisturizing periodically, this professional cleaning procedure can be postponed or even avoided. Leave this wash for when it’s really necessary.

What to do in case of mold?

Mold is very common in leather jackets, especially when they are stored in inappropriate places and with poor ventilation.

In case you notice that the jacket is full of white spots, turning gray, this is mold!

To clean the mold you can use clear vinegar, with the help of a cloth. When you pass the cloth you notice that the mold and dirt are all in it.

After passing the vinegar, you must dry the leather with another cloth. So wait a while and apply a moisturizer. In that case you can use almond oil, as it helps to remove the smell of mold and also of vinegar. Pour oil directly on the leather and spread it with your hands. You can leave a good layer of oil on the leather. Wait about 15 minutes for the leather to absorb the oil and then just remove the excess.

That way you will take care of your women’s coats or women coats properly, making it last longer, always looking new.

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