6 Quick Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

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You probably don’t think about your garage door very often. However, seasonal maintenance can prevent expensive repairs in the future. This article will provide some easy tips for keeping your garage door functioning correctly. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Check the Tracks

The first thing you should do every spring and fall is inspect the tracks. Check for rust and clear out any debris that can block the door from actuating. If you notice any severe damage, hire a professional specializing in overhead door installation Fresno CA to make repairs.

2. Open and Close the Garage

Once you are sure the tracks are clear, run the opener a few times and listen. Any grating or scraping is a sign of more significant problems, and if you cannot identify the source, hire a professional. Remember, a properly functioning garage door should be smooth and quiet.

3. Inspect the Hardware

Do a quick check of the hardware holding everything together. Tighten up any loose bolts you find with a socket wrench, and make sure the springs and cables are in good shape. Do not try to repair the wires or springs yourself. If you notice any damage, call a professional.

4. Grease the Moving Parts

At least twice a year, spray all the moving parts with a long-lasting lubricant. Look for rust spots and wipe them with oil and unstick any components with a penetrating mixture.

5. Balance the Door

Make sure the door is balanced. Turn off the automatic opener and let the door sit halfway closed. If it does not stay in place, you will need to have the springs replaced.

6. Test the Safety Features

An important safety feature is the auto-reverse function. Place some scrap wood down and make sure the door stops and opens back up if anything is blocking it.

Keeping your garage door functional is not only necessary for your convenience but your safety as well. Spend some time at least twice a year to check your garage door and hire professionals when you see any damage.

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