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Content management tools (supporting your mailing tools) can create or break your ability to handle certain tasks. Tools like feeders, bump-turns, turnover devices and content transport devices allow you to move from a simple print job to a complex print / insert / verification / mail job, for which more and more customers are calling. This support is support for large devices such as inkjet systems, tip-systems and other binding and mailing tools. Such accessories can be added to your existing devices for more versatility. Here are some of the new accessories and our evaluation of how they worked.

Friction feeder:

This friction feeder offers a new spin on a traditional friction feeder. A movable rear table means you can change how much exposure material is found on the rubber belt. Use a small amount for small documents or a large amount for large documents. The multi-surface separator allows you to choose a separate surface for easy work or a more flexible surface for media stacks that will not separate well. The divider and belt extend across the feeder to prevent skiing. It’s also easy to work on. The full belt and shaft assembly can be removed for belt changes … not to mention using a durable motor.

Vacuum-Friction Feeder – This feeder combines the best of both worlds into one unit. Friction takes feeds for almost any material, but the wide belt has a vacuum hole and a compressor that runs your material easily and without any erosion. Like the F110E model, it can also adjust the belt exposure by means.


When you need to print on both sides of the document, the turnover unit can streamline the whole process, halving the labour. Traditional “twist-belt” separators have difficulty keeping stable at medium to high speeds. The 200 RT handles any pieces (even large sheets) without any problems. We found this turnover unit almost inevitable when duplexing variable matching data. View here to know more about the speed and turnover of material handling equipment.


It has designed the perfect solution for anyone who wants to turn and then move a unified medium to another piece of mailing equipment (such as inkjet printers, tabbing machines or tip-units not units). The unit works well. And surprisingly cheap. It can reduce labour costs by about half, so it pays for itself quickly as it engages in processes.

Direct mail equipment and material handling equipment is becoming increasingly important in the packaging industry. It adopts the traditional approach to its machines: find out how to make jobs faster and easier and then come up with a solution. Their devices get two thumbs up.

Material Handling Equipment – A tool that deals with the storage, circulation, maintenance and control of materials, products and goods through the process of production, distribution, disposal and consumption. It is used to increase production, control costs and maximize productivity. Content management is mainly divided into four main categories; Storage equipment, industrial trucks, engineering systems and bulk handling.

There are ways to improve the efficiency of material handling equipment or any tool to achieve its top efficiency. These methods include capturing every relevant data related to the operation, measuring how the item is handled when the item is given time to exit the building, ensuring that they use the correct and appropriate way to select the technique. And then to keep the system downtime to at least. Click here to know more about material handling equipment as listed in

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