An Antique Bathtub, Everybody’s Dream

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Antique bathtubs are a trend. They are also a key element if you want to give your bathroom elegance, personality, and style. Do you dare? Here you have everything about this type of bathtub.

Antique bathtubs are a type of bathtub that has returned to the number 1 bathroom trend. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house and one of those that, often, we pay less attention to in terms of decoration.

It is worth remembering that the bathroom is, and should be, a functional and hygienic place. But it should also be a place to relax after a long day of work. And if it is also beautiful, elegant and with personality, it will be a bathroom of 10. Precisely the antique bathtubs provide the latter, so why not join this trend? Here you will find information about this type of bathtub, its advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives.

Classic bathtubs are freestanding bathtubs. This means that they are freestanding bathtubs, so they are not recessed in any corner. On the other hand, the most identifying feature of antique bathtubs is their four legs, which can be made of porcelain, like the rest of the bathtub, or iron with appliqués shape of claws.

An antique bathtub in the bathroom gives the bathroom a lot of personality and elegance. Besides, the bathtub becomes the center of attention, becoming a key piece in the bathroom decoration.

Generally, an antique bathtub is accompanied by a faucet that also goes in the same line to say antique style. If you think that because it is an antique bathtub, it looks better with a vintage or retro style bathroom, you will be surprised when I tell you that this is not so.

The antique bathtubs are perfect in vintage or retro style bathrooms but also look great with other styles. It all depends on the accessories you choose. For example, in rustic, industrial, or classic bathrooms, it becomes the touch that was missing to be a bathroom of 10.

The advantages that offer us the old bathtubs in particular and the freestanding ones in general are:

They do not require works: being independent elements do not need to be embedded in the wall. You only need a water outlet. So it is a simple and easy reform that will transform your bathroom.

They bring a lot of style and personality. A refurbished tub is a unique piece that becomes the center of the decor. Old bathtubs are an element that contributes to relaxation. Who does not like a bubble bath to forget a week of hard work?

The disadvantages of antique bathtubs are mainly:

Their price is usually higher than that of a more modern or inlaid bathtub. Lately, they are becoming almost collector’s items. Also, its manufacture requires more time and more precision since they are total to the sight; a good option is a refurbished tub.

Old bathtubs require more space so that the other elements of the bathroom are not so close together. On the other hand, you should complement the old bathtub with a shower tray.

They are less functional. It is much more complicated in the old bathtubs to get a storage place for products we need to have at hand at bath time.

In conclusion, old bathtubs can become a crucial element to change our bathroom’s personality or style. Of course, before opting for a freestanding bathtub, weigh your needs very well with the advantages and disadvantages.

It is also essential that you take into account the size. Although this type of bathtub is not usually too big, they need ample space for their placement.

On the other hand, you should also plan how you will store toiletries such as shower gel, shampoo, and so on.

If you think the old tubs are too classy for your bathroom and your taste, you can constantly refurbish the tub and give it a “twist” by painting the outside in intense color. For example, blue, purple, or red are colors that look great in contrast with the interior’s white. If the floor is also made of chess or hydraulic tiles, you will have a bathroom with many personalities that will not go unnoticed.

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