Create your own Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

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A good first impression will set high expectations for what you want to show. A good first impression of a baby shower is better than invitations and well-made baby shower invitation card to your guests, so that they can get an idea of how good your event could be.

A few simple handicraft instruments such as scissors, colored papers, glue, a printer, and any other creative materials that you think will assist you in creating a good invitation will be all you need.

Have a general idea of your baby shower theme and apply it to your invitation, if you don’t know what to do, let me provide you with a few examples of ideas for baby shower invitations.

You can apply these ideas to your invites for decorating your baby shower.

1. DIY Baby Shower Invitations

What better way to add a touch of feeling to your invitation than to make it yourself. In this way you will be able to add emotion and your guests will feel the sentiments you imbued in your handmade invitation to your baby shower.

2. Customized Baby Shower Invitations

Different designs exist for cards, but what is the true difference between a card and an invitation? In general, the card is flat, usually folded with the message and guests’ names centered on one side.

An invitation does not have to be exactly a card. Invites can range from bottles to apparel items to personalized web pages; the limit is your imagination.

3. Disney Baby Shower Card

Disney’s Mickey Mouse is often cited as an inspiration in many crafts or decorations for different occasions. The truth is that Disney’s Mickey Mouse has become an icon of decoration.

Regardless, despite the fact that it is already quite common, it does not mean it is bad or repetitious, the truth is it is a unique style in terms of Mickey Mouse cards for baby showers, you can get a wide variety of designs with this little mouse, and the creative possibilities are endless.

4. Baby shower card for a boy

A card or invitation for a boys baby shower will usually stand out by its colors and its theme. It is very common for these colors and themes to be masculine, along with the child’s name appearing in the invitation to make it clear that the child is a boy.

Sailing is a good theme for this and that you can get here.

5. A baby shower card for a girl

A girl’s baby shower invitation follows a similar theme to the previous one, and the truth is that only the themes and colors that indicate the gender of the future baby are needed; this is quite a unique invitation idea from Minnie Mouse.

6. Design Your Own Baby Shower Card

Here is another impressive invitation we can make at home with simple materials. With different materials that make up this craft, it opens and closes, having the shape of a baby on the front.

The materials to be used for this beautiful invitation are the following:

  • Paper in pink if it’s a girl, blue if it’s a girl, or simply white.
  • It comes in skin color or blue or pink and white.
  • Ribbons in pink or blue.
  • Markers in pink or blue, and a permanent black one.
  • A template for an invitation.

I recommend this one as one of the most elaborate and also one of the ones I recommend the most so far, due to the fact that they are all beautiful but only you can choose the one that you choose or that fits best with your celebration. In making baby shower invitations for boys, it is important to always keep everything in an orderly manner so that this craft looks impressive.

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