Dave Highbloom Speaks on the First Batch of Employees of OfficePartners360 Vaccinated Under its Health and Safety Program

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OfficePartners 360 is a leading name in customer experience solutions in the USA, specializing in social media posts, email., live chats, and phone calls. Recently, under its health and safety program, the Company got its first batch of employees vaccinated against COVID-19.

Dave Highbloom is the Chief Administrative Officer of OfficePartners 360. He says that the Company vaccinated 42 employees with the first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on the 28th of May, 2021, at the Visayas Community Medical Center (VCMC). This endeavor was supported onsite by OP360’s Certified Safety & Health Officers and first aiders. He says OP360 is the first BPO organization located in Cebu City to have successfully inoculated its employees.

The Company had set up a Registration Hub online to verify necessary documents first by their Safety and Health team. This accelerated the time for processing, and employees were able to get their vaccination faster.

Distribution of vaccination kits

In order to make the above process comfortable, the Company also distributed vaccination kits. Every kit had a bottle of water, a fan, some biscuits, and a pen. The employees of OfficePartners360 appreciated this gesture by the Company as it is summer in the Philippines with temperatures soaring as high as 41 degrees Celsius.

Both the Company and the hospital staff received praise in their post-vaccination survey. The process was smooth and hassle-free. Everyone was very supportive and accommodating.

Presently, the Company is waiting for the vaccination schedule of the remaining employees. It has received 283 new registrations for vaccination, and under the OP360 Vaccination Program, the Company has 865 employees registered.

Partnership with Project BalikBuhay and Office of The President Assistant for the Visayas

In order to provide the free COVID-19 vaccination, the Company has entered into a partnership with Project BalikBuhay and the Office of The President Assistant for the Visayas. Other private companies have stepped forward to join this public-private partnership, a unique one in Cebu City in the Philippines.

Implementation of new health and safety standards in the Company

OP360 has also launched a corporate telecommuting package to enhance its support for its intensely successful work-from-home program. The Company is subsidizing monthly internet plans so that employees can work continuously with wired internet. It also provides subsidized point-to-point shuttles for its workers onsite.

Certified Safety and Health Officers have been added to the Company, and more monthly themed programs have been developed addressing multiple safety and health hazards. For example, March was Fire Safety Month, and the Company introduced an information drive and training program on fire safety tips, types of fire hydrants, fire suppression methods, and types of fires.

At the same time, the Company administered a survey internally to assess how “bikeable” different communities are and rolled out a safety campaign during the Road Safety Month in April with an emphasis on bike safety.

Dave Highbloom also added that the Company, in a bid to celebrate mothers, hailed May as Maternal Health Month to create awareness of prenatal and postpartum care, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Besides this, OP360 staff has been certified by the Philippine Red Cross as first aiders, supporting healthcare staff onsite in the event of an emergency.

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