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Spending on entrance matting system is more like of an investment than an expense. The expenditure to clean the debris and dust that accumulates inside the building is more when compared to setting up a suitable entry mat. An apt entry mat for your workplace depending on the surroundings can save a lot of money in the long run.

This is one of the cost-cutting measures that the building managers must focus on. There are remarkable entry matting options that protect your building from dirt and dust. This article highlights the importance of entrance mats that not only saves a lot of money, but also keeps the employees safe.

Incredible ROI with Entry Mats

Cleaning and dusting must happen with little effort and consume less time. The housekeeping staff in your organization must focus on keeping the premises clean and hygienic. With pounds and pounds of dirt coming into the building can leave them in a bizarre situation. Especially, when there is not a proper matting system available, this is sure to happen.

Promote your brand with sensational waterhog mats. Set the tone right at the entrance, where Ultimate Mats offer excellent commercial mats at affordable prices. The top-quality materials and trusted craftsmanship will help you keep your office building clean. Numerous options are available to keep your business area hygienic all the time.

People Traffic Brings Dust

Your workplace can have a lot of visitors coming in apart from the employees. The kind of surroundings that the office has, determines the amount of dust and debris that enters your office. With an average surrounding with less dust and dirt, your office may accumulate 15 pounds of dust in just 10 days.

With an expenditure to clean the dust regularly along with the salary paid to the housekeeping staff, the cost incurred is naturally more than arranging for a commercial entry mat system.

Entry Mats prevent Maximum Dirt

With an excellent entrance mat at your office, 90% of the dirt and debris can be prevented from entering. Moreover, it is the one-pointed approach for your housekeeping staff to clean as well.

Entrance Grid Systems

Especially, the Grid Systems offer complete dust and dirt prevention technology. This is used in busy workplaces. The people traffic at your office needs to be safe. At the same time, the dust particles must be collected for future cleaning. Such Entrance grid systems are of valuable support that it traps the dust and dirt from the shoes. It also stores the dirt at the bottom that can be cleaned later. The best part about this matting system is, they look excellent as an architectural floor matting system.

The portfolio of options that you have in this category are:

GridLine is a stainless-steel grill type grid system

Gridline with Carpet comes with a carpet on the grid for additional support

Gridline radius rail has wider bars that can ensure the people walk without discomfort

Gridline with Rubber is majorly used in areas where water and liquid dirt entry is possible.


Selecting high-quality and cost-saving mats is of prime importance. While selecting the mat consider the crowd at the office, surroundings, and capacity of the housekeeping staff. The high-performing entrance mats are always an investment for a longer period. If the maintenance cost is reduced, you are cutting on the major expense that can be used for various other productive aspects.

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