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Your tech stack nearly invariably expands in tandem with your sales team. However, deciding which sales tools to acquire and invest in, much alone comprehending what each tool does. This is especially true when considering the seemingly limitless sales tools available. Amazon Sales Estimator is a tool and software that salespeople use to make their jobs easier. Customer relationship management, sales and market intelligence, lead handling and prospecting, analytics and reporting, sales training, and sales automation and integration are all examples of sales tools. Choosing the proper tools assures your team’s efficiency and effectiveness, which leads to happier consumers.

Tools from third parties that can assist you in estimating sales volume

Amazon does not provide sales volume information; any third-party tools that generate sales predictions are only approximations. They keep track of several products and combine them in a basket to determine the current “in stock” quantity. Based on the daily change, they can estimate how many goods were sold during the day.

The sales are then matched to the Sales Rank and category. If you do this with millions of products, you’ll have enough information to estimate any category and sales rank. Of course, it’s impossible to keep track of all the goods and sales rankings, so you will have to fill in the blanks. You might wish to test a few tools that accomplish this work for us.

1. Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout sales estimator is available for free on the company’s website. However, keep in mind that these figures are simply approximations and should only be used in that context. This figure is based on a category’s sales rank rather than a specific product. The free version of their website displays the estimated number of units sold.

If you upgrade to the paid version, you will be able to see the number of vendors and the number of reviews and narrow down your search by selecting specific areas to focus on. The cost of a full jungle scout subscription is $39 per month. This grants you access to the chrome extension, providing more precise figures based on Amazon keyword searches.

2. AZMScout

AMZ Scout offers a comparable service that estimates a product’s sales volume using Sales Rank. To make this work, you’ll need to know a product’s rating to predict sales, much like the other choices. There is a free version on the AMZ Scout website that estimates sales based on a category ranking number. They also have a Chrome toolbar that provides additional detailed statistics such as sales predictions in dollars, the number of reviews, and competitors, among other things.

3. ProfitGuru

ProfitGuru differs from other free programs in that it provides estimations per ASIN.To see Sales Rank, paste an ASIN. Based on the current 7-day average and 30-day average Sales Rank, the program will estimate sales for that exact ASIN. ProfitGuru also has historical data showing how the Sales rank has evolved and the price and number of sellers.

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