Five Lessons to Remember During RV Renovations

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Renovating an RV is a project that can be super exciting but, at the same time, very intimidating. The most important thing to remember is while renovating an RV is to do a lot of research. The cost for an RV renovation wage between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on the various factors such as the RV model, the electrical systems, kitchen appliances, the exterior and interior, plumbing systems, etc. This article presents five lessons to remember during a renovation and will guide you through the content.

1. Prep Work

The prep and paintwork for an RV depend on the kinds of surfaces and the cabinets and walls’ condition. Most RV’s comprise a mix of real wood, peel-and-stick surfaces: particleboard and wallpaper. For natural wood parts in the RV, use liquid sand and particleboard and use sandpaper for sanding it off. To remove the wallpaper, you can use a wallpaper steamer with just water and no chemicals. You can also replace the countertops and drawers.

2. Choose the Right Paint

Selecting the right kind of primer is as important as choosing the right paint. You can make use of a shellac primer, or a good oil-based primer. It is best to avoid water-based primers as they tend to moisten and, at times, lift-off a porous substance leaving a crack. If your RV comprises laminate, then make use of oil-based paint. Make use of spray paint for all the plastic pieces and mask around the area to prevent messiness. Make use of a restoration kit while restoring a shower.

3. Measure Your Furniture Twice

Make efficient use of the space while measuring and working on furniture pieces. You can make a note of your furniture measure twice before you purchase furniture or make it from scratch. You can make use of Amazon Prime for constructed furniture fits or shop at Ikea for the materials.

4. Select the Right Bulbs for the Voltage

For RV renovations, you need to use low voltage light bulbs like 12V light bulbs for your fixtures. For lights above the couch area or in the bedroom area, you use scones and drill a hole on the side to connect them. You can even make use of ceiling lights using a remote control. You can even use your lighting using the bedroom bulbs, a shelving bracket, a vintage cage lampshade, a pre-made lamp cord, and led lights. LED lights are best preferred as they are smaller, save tons of energy, and are brighter.

5. Weight Matters

Weight is considerably the biggest challenge for RV lovers. If you are going to add extra decor, remove the things out to avoid weights in the RV area. However, you make use of lighter options like a frame to balance the weight. You can also alternate with a shelf liner or wallpaper instead of wood.


RV’s classic looks come with quality construction and sustainable materials. However, there are a few crucial things to consider during RV renovations, and this article will help you avoid mistakes.

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