How to takeout starter earrings and piercing jewellery at home?

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Earrings are the most common and easiest way to accessorize any and every look. A daily wear look can be completed with simple stud earrings, a party-wear look can be enhanced with dazzling danglers, an ethnic attire is incomplete without jhumkas, and a glamorous ensemble can be perfected with a statement-making pair of earrings. This shows the importance of earrings to complete the ensemble and reminds the fact that earrings speak about the wearer’s personality.

Women in India love to flaunt earrings, and ear piercing isn’t a taboo. Hence, it is easier to experiment. Furthermore, piercing ears is a part of the Indian tradition for women. There is hardly any woman who can stop herself from trying those various shapes and patterns of earrings. It is hard to control that temptation, especially when there are so many options to complement each garment with a different pair of earrings.

But, while we enjoy adorning these attractive earrings, it is also very important to know how to wear and remove them as not everyone is used to the wearing technique of different ear piercings. Here is a guide on how to remove different types of earrings.

3. Ball stud earrings – Ball stud earrings are one of the most common starter earrings preferred by wearers right after piercing. This is mainly because they are easy to clean, wear, and remove. Ball stud earrings are typically crafted out of stainless steel or gold and consist of two pieces that is the stud and the clasp. They need to be cleaned every day as it keeps the hole open and allows healing. It is very easy to remove ball stud earrings. Grasp the front of the stud earrings with one hand and slid the lids under the ridge with the other hand. Then grasp the stud clasp that is usually a wing-like clasp. Pull back the clasp and remove the stud part of the earring by drawing it off from the earlobe.

2. Stud earrings with flat backs – Stud earrings with flatbacks, also known as safety back earrings, are the easiest to use amongst all different ear piercings. Thus, they are popularly used for children and people who are first-time wearers. It comes with a unique pattern that consists of a locking clutch design with a rounded back. It is quite simple to wear these. Grab the front part of the earring and gently push the back part of the earring towards the post until it clicks the lock. To remove it, hold the post of the earring, give a firm tug at the back, and pull it apart.

3. Cartilage earrings – Cartilage earrings are a huge trend nowadays amongst different ear piercings, and every woman owns at least three to four of them of different shapes and sizes. These earrings have a discrete flat back. To remove cartilage earrings, hold the front of the earring firmly and then grab the flat back to screw it anticlockwise.

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