IS-BAO Certification: What It Is And Why It’s Important

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Nearly every business sector has a set of internationally agreed standards to streamline the sector. One of such universal standards in business aviation is the IS-BAO Certification, whose primary objective is to ensure safety, standardization, and professionalism in operating business aircraft.

If you’re a business aircraft operator, IS-BAO Certification is a must-have for your company. Read on to understand what IS-BAO is and its benefits for your organization.

What Is IS-BAO Certification?

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations is a code of practice guiding the business aviation sector worldwide.

The code includes rules governing best practices in aviation, such as aircraft management, flight preparation, flight safety, and other industry standards that part 91 aviation operators must follow. The code of practice is based on aviation standards enshrined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Since its establishment by the International Business Aviation Council, the IS-BAO continues to be the ultimate regulating code for many international commercial aircraft operators.

What Category of Aircraft Operators Require IS-BAO Certification?

The IS-BAO Certification is essential for all part 91 aircraft operators. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Part 91 Aircraft Operators include general aviators and non-military operated aircraft. Therefore, your company requires IS-BAO Certification if you operate fixed-wing aircraft or rotor aircraft (helicopters) for business purposes.

What are the Requirements for IS-BAO Certification?

To obtain IS-BAO Certification, you must meet some vital criteria set by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

As such, the business aviation regulators will conduct an audit on your company to scrutinize the following business aviation pillars;

  • Aviation Security.
  • Safety Management Systems.
  • Part 91 Training and Proficiency.
  • Disaster Management Plan.
  • Human Resources.
  • Flight Operations.
  • Operations in International Airspace.
  • Transporting Dangerous Goods.
  • Health and Safety at Work.
  • Equipment Maintenance.
  • Environmental Management.

Stages of IS-BAO

IS-BAO certification is not a one-time process but is awarded in progressive stages. Therefore, eligible business aviators will receive their certification from stage one and progress to the third stage after fully incorporating all safety standards.

The stages are as follows;

Stage 1: Indicates that you’ve established the right Safety Management System (SMS).

Stage 2: Indicates you’re efficiently managing safety standards to prevent hazards.

Stage 3: It is the highest award, indicating you’ve incorporated and upheld all safety standards over a particular time.

IS-BAO Part 91 Training

Aviation business operators who wish to obtain IS-BAO Certification may enroll their staff in a comprehensive training program. Business aviators can learn many skills, including aviation security, crew resource management, disaster rescue operations, and many more.

Accredited institutions are offering the program online at affordable costs and participants will sit a test at the end of each module to gauge their proficiency levels.

Benefits of IS-BAO Certification

The IS-BAO was designed to promote best practices in operating international business aircraft. Since then, IS-BAO Certified operators have praised the program for its massive benefits. Top benefits highlighted by the international business aviators include;

  • Lower insurance rates.
  • Higher employee satisfaction.
  • Enhanced sense of teamwork among employees.
  • Enhanced aviation safety.
  • Increase efficiency, thanks to integrated management standards.
  • Improved confidence among business aviation operators.
  • Enhanced performance measurement across departments.

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