Is Excess Sleep Harmful For The Body? Ways To Reduce

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You set at least 10 alarms on the phone to wake up in the morning. One by one the bell rang and you stopped and fell asleep. Even though you are supposed to get up at eight in the morning, your sleep is not waking up before ten! We often see a lot of people who spend most of the day just sleeping. The subject may seem interesting, but the danger is still there. Experts say that an adult can sleep up to 7-8 hours a day. But if someone sleeps 9 hours or more every day, then it is called extra sleep. But yes, you can get ten hours of sleep a day and a half a month, but it is dangerous if it becomes part of your daily routine. Because of this extra sleep can cause multiple physical and mental problems.

Some Harmful Effects For Excess Sleeping:

Many people think that there are no problems of excess sleeping but that isn’t true. If you sleep more than 8 hours of a day then you face various health diseases. In this article we discuss about the problems that causes by over sleeping. Let’s start reading-

Risk of Stroke

Many people say that the risk of stroke increases with age. But one of the reasons behind it is extra sleep. Multiple studies have shown that those who sleep more than 9 hours a day are several times more likely to have a stroke overnight tramadol

Unbridled weight gain

Research has acknowledged that weight gain is caused by sleeping more than usual. Researchers have found that people who sleep longer than usual during the day are 21 percent more likely to gain weight. And with weight gain, more and more diseases and pests begin to settle in the body. After gaining overweight people follow the easy method to reduce overweight, they even take alternative medicine for weight loss that is very harmful for the health.

Heart attack

Experts say that those who sleep more than eight hours a day, their heart blood flow is much lower than normal. As a result, some kind of pain is felt, which increases the risk of heart attack by 10 percent.

Acute pain

When physiological activities are stopped for a long time, pain is felt in different parts of the body. And while sleeping, the arms and legs remain motionless. In the same way, lying down for a long time can cause severe pain in different parts of the body. Not only this, with the help of sleep you can do wonders.


Sleeping diabetes? Do not believe! A team of Canadian researchers found that those who slept more than normal had imbalanced glucose levels. As a result, the incidence of diabetes increases by 20 percent.


Excessive sleep stops the brain from working for a long time. Then when not enough water and food reaches the brain during sleep, the mood can become irritable and irritating.

Ways To Avoid Getting Too Much Sleep

Instead of turning it off again and again with 10-12 alarms, give 3 alarms at a gap of 15 minutes. You can keep the alarm tune a little weird or monstrous; it will wake you up easily.

You should not sleep with the phone next to you at night. So even if the phone gives an alarm, keep the phone a little away without holding it in your hand. It will urge you to get out of bed to turn off the alarm.

For those who have a habit of sleeping for a long time every day, ask someone at home to call you. Whether it’s with a splash of cold water on your face or removing the window curtains and throwing the sun in your face – it’s great if someone takes the responsibility of lifting you up.

There is a tendency to sleep extra on holidays. That, of course, comes from physical fatigue. But give up this habit. Getting into the habit of waking up at a certain time every day can get rid of excess sleep.

Take special care of food. Eat healthy and drink enough.

To avoid the tendency to get extra sleep, practice getting up in the morning without staying up late. As well as your work will be perfect, sleep will also interfere with the routine.

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