Link Building: 8 Myths And Realities in 2020

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You have already built the new website of your company, and now is the time to think that customers should find you on the internet to be able to contact you and make a contract with your products or services.

However, you have realized that reaching the first page of Google results, and especially the first position is not an easy task.. It becomes clear to you from SEO fundamentals that getting the top 10 most lucrative positions in search engines takes a lot of work.

Usually, a combination of different non-pirated or white hat approaches and methods is required to improve the quality of your website and stay ahead of your competitors in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The link building or creation of links is a great solution when you need to boost the performance of your website and its authority. You can also join the SEO Forum to get a better guideline on that.

65% of the SEO Expert now believe that link building is the most challenging SEO tactic. Nevertheless, if done right, it can be one of the most effective. As soon as you master link building, you will get the desired result in ranking and traffic to your website.

So, once you walk down the promising path of link building, prepare to face many challenges. Ensure that your time, money, and efforts will not be wasted.

And at the end (link building never ends though) you will get to number 1 on Google.

You hope for this or at least you have high hopes for your link building campaign, but let’s face it, there are a lot of things you shouldn’t expect from link building and a ton of things you could do wrong while building links to your site.

You Expect Fast Results With Link-Building

The reality is link building takes a long time.

Google never tells about how long it will take you to beat your rivals. There is a direct correlation between your chances of being in the Google Top 10 and the competition within a given niche.

Let’s say your aim is to position a website in a relatively low competition niche or topic to lead the SERPs on this exact topic.

It can usually take about 3 months to reach your goals. But when it comes to some highly competitive niches, the time frame easily moves up to 6 months and beyond.

The reason is that you can’t build a great link profile overnight but whatever you’ll do you need to consult to get better results.

If you rush to get a bunch of new links at once, you’re in for a heavy slap from Google for your manipulation and unnatural link building tricks.

Keep in mind that link-building is a laborious, well thought out, and very, very effective way to outperform your competitors. To earn the trust of Google, the only way to get it right is to do it consistently, gradually, and rationally.

2. You Trust Your Link Building Strategy

The reality: you can build links wrong.

“There is no other thing more useless than doing efficiently what should not be done at all” said by Peter Ferdinand Drucker

That’s right:

  • How would you know that all your SEO efforts up and running are correct?
  • How would you know that you are doing what is worth doing?
  • What if you were following the wrong path?

After evaluating several websites and SEO strategies, it revealed that 67% of them were doing something wrong: the irrational speed link building, buying irrelevant backlinks, anchor or incorrect anchors words, etc.

If they had continued their uneven SEO strategies, they would have ended up with zero results or worse – punishment from Google.

In cases where you end up getting a penalty from Google, it is much easier to move to a new domain, especially if it is a new website with less than a year of history.

3. You Forget The Optimization Of The Website

The Truth: You can’t get good results at link building without optimizing the website itself.

Website optimization and removal of SEO glitches are the backbones of any authoritative, well-ranked website. You can contact SEO Company in UAE for better understanding, if you are living in UAE.

We’ve seen cases where people had great link building strategies and even a generous backlink budget, but they didn’t get the desired result because they were not optimized.

The worst thing is that you usually spend a lot of money uselessly by having these mistakes.

4. You Think You Know Your Customers

The Truth: You haven’t done enough research on your target audience.

User experience is critical to increasing your website’s traffic and ranking. The key to success is to learn, understand, and satisfy your customers’ needs.

So, make sure you really know the genuine wishes of your customers. Because if you don’t, not even the best optimization and content in the world will save you from a very high bounce rate.

The bounce rate means that your customers visit your website, but they leave very soon since they cannot find what they have come for on your website, that is, something is wrong.

Maybe it’s your content, difficult navigation, or just an outdated site design. To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is better that you scrutinize your customers, analyze your rivals, and organize your website accordingly.

5. You Give Up Before Reaching The 1st Position In Google

The reality is that Google’s # 1 is worth all your efforts.

Number 1 on Google is the promised land for every website owner.

From years of experience, I can say that there were many people who gave up on their SEO campaigns.

The reason was almost always the same: there were no longer tangible results. But the point is, it’s relatively easy to jump from position 100 to 50 or 30.

However, it is a completely different story when it comes to ranking first in search engines. There typically comes a time when you don’t see clear results from your SEO.

However, this does not mean that you are not progressing at all. Go ahead and you will get amazing results on Google.

6. You Think Link Building Is Free

The reality is that link building requires investments.

If you want to stay ahead on the search engine, you have to remember one thing once and for all – link building costs money.

There’s no point expecting mind-blowing results from your link building efforts unless you’re ready to put some money into the process.

The more investment means the better results in the end. Your competitors are the main reason why you need to fund your SEO recurrently.

If the competition in your niche is close to zero, then you can relax and become the sole leader. But we very much doubt that such a case is possible today.

One more thing that defines your link-building expenses is the size of your business. Big sites with a wide range of services and goods require more funds and time than smaller sites with few pages.

7. You Reduced The Budget In Link Building With The First Results

The reality: this is the worst thing you can do.

Let’s say you have invested a minimum of €2000 in your link-building campaign and in 3 months you finally saw the long-awaited results- the growth of the rankings, the increase in traffic, and the profit gain.

“At last….” you would breathe happily and stop spending money on link building that very day…And it would be a mistake!

Once you get the smallest positive results, be prepared to maintain and continue them in the same way. There is nothing good in reducing your costs once the first SEO results are on the horizon.

On the contrary, you will most likely lose everything. Don’t forget to audit your website regularly and fix all bugs and problems.

8. You Want To Save money On Professional SEO

The reality is that nothing can replace an SEO expert.

Perhaps, you may want to skimp on professional SEO services and jump right into SEO on your own. Unfortunately, this approach is rarely successful.

The numbers never lie-more than 76% of companies that do SEO without an external or in-house professional make a ton of SEO mistakes.

Setting up redirects, changes to website structure, redesign, etc., need a careful and correct approach.

We hope this article will make your link building better and help you achieve your ranking goals. Now, when you know what to do, don’t waste another minute and go buy a bunch of new backlinks because link building must continue!

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