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Whether it’s the elegant sparkle or the belief in their alluring power to heal you, gemstone jewellery has always been a staple in women’s collections. They are nature’s most valuable bounty that’s been used to create the most extraordinary jewellery pieces. More so in the last few years when these bright gems have seen a resurgence with the younger generation taking to rare hues of these colourful stones to stand out from the crowds.

Gemstone jewellery looks regal on women of all ages and compliments any outfit, whether formal or casual. The beauty of gemstones lies in the way they change colours as your body glides and make a striking statement.

We have rounded up some of the must-have jewellery pieces to add that instant dazzle to your wardrobe. Our picks range from the classics to the modern staples, perfect for all tastes and styles:

  • Ruby pendant: The bright red hue of a statement ruby pendant can transform your look instantly. You can choose from the cool and classy simple stud in gold or opt for a piece encircled by tiny diamonds. A chunky ruby pendant goes extremely well with both casual and traditional outfits.
  • Sapphire tennis bracelet: Tennis bracelets have that amazing aura of nostalgia coupled with a style that not many women can resist. This iconic piece of jewellery, also aptly known as eternity bracelets, makes you look elegant and classy and is perfect for women on the go. While most tennis bracelets are set in diamonds, a great twist to this classic design is a sapphire tennis bracelet. The light blue hues of sapphire when mounted on yellow or white gold steal the show. You can choose from single-row or double-row design options.
  • Diamond ring: The much-loved diamond rings are timeless and a must-have piece in your gemstone jewellery collection. Diamond ring designs range from cool minimalists to trendy and bold-statement-making ones. Choose from the all-time-favourite solitaire or the stunningly detailed halo design. Depending on your budget, you can pick diamond rings for girlsset in either platinum or chic and ever-stylish yellow gold, check out here
  • Emerald earrings: Known as the symbol of love, emeralds have always been the top favourites for anyone with a penchant for gemstone jewellery. The calming green sheen of this stone uplifts any piece that they are studded into. One of the most elegant designs is the sleek and dainty drop earrings that give you an amazingly modern and feminine look. Another beautiful option is clean and simple yet bold rectangular stud earrings. The spectacular mint coloured stone earrings designs set in white gold have no match when you like to stand out from the crowds.
  • Alexandrite necklace: This gemstone is known for its colour changing properties and can be a rare and amazing addition to your collection of gemstone jewellery. It changing colours from green to blue as the sunshine falls on it and can elevate any attire. It looks especially beautiful when set in the contrasting colour of yellow gold.
  • Cuff bangle: Whether it’s a day out with friends or a formal evening get-together, there is nothing like a chunky cuff bangle to add that gorgeous style to your attire. It looks regal and bold at the same time. You can select this amazingly stylish piece of jewellery studded with contrasting hues of diamonds and rubies set in textured or plain yellow gold.

Gemstone jewellery is much more than something that you just adorn yourself with. So, go ahead and choose any of the above pieces to add that extraordinary lyrical gorgeousness to your personality like no other jewellery can.

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