Tesla Made a Partnership with Honda

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Tesla has decided to be a partner with Honda to increase its sales in Europe. To increase their production of electric vehicles. Europe has made a few numbers of new regulations to avoid illegal automakers. All the automakers should sell more and more electric vehicles to reach their provided target and prevent large penalties.

All the automakers who don’t have large sales can increase their sales by electric vehicles and make a profit to avoid huge fines.

Tesla sales on high

FCA had a deal with Tesla and paid California automakers $2 billion to increase their sales of cars in Europe. Honda company launched an electric car which was launched only in Europe. It was designed in a way that it looks standard.

The total sales of Tesla stand for 3,20,000 this year. However, the total goal of the care delivery was 5,00,000 this year, but they had made enough sales during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been reported that this year Tesla made a profit of US$ 8.7 billion at the end of September.

This year the sales of TSLA stock was very high which was totally unexpected in the situation of a pandemic.

The US electric cars were mainly exported in China but were also exported to Europe for the very first time, about 7000 sedans were exported from Shanghai on Tuesday.

Growth of Tesla sales in South Korea

In Korea mainly the automobile distributors import or export Mercedes, BMW, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen. The total sales of BMW were 41,773 and sales of Mercedes was about 53,571. But this year it has been recorded that Tesla without being the member of KAIDA has sold about 10,518 cars from the month of January to September. Tesla has become the fourth largest brand to export highly in South Korea in a few last months.

In Korea, Tesla has been growing gradually due to the launch of Model 3, which was a highly distributed car this year.

Tesla sales in Germany

Tesla has decided to open it’s new sales and service centre in Germany. They have decided also to provide deliveries from sales and services. They have decided to give multipurpose facilities to their customers and upcoming customers.

The new Tesla Sales and Service centre is located in Hamburg, Germany. The model of the Service centre in Hamburg is similar to the model of the Center in China. Tesla has also decided to shut their few showrooms in leading locations. If you want to buy Tesla stock, you can check its balance sheet at https://www.webull.com/balance-sheet/nasdaq-tsla.

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