The Complete Guide for DIY Essential Oil Candles

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Candles are one of the most life-changing things you can find. A candle is all it takes to transform you into a home-maker and an excellent chef. Plus, my house looks impeccable and is beautifully decorated. My husband might not agree. With all my free time lately, jokes aside, I’ve found immense joy in creating my own natural essential oil candles.

It’s something about making candles that gives off a warm glow and subtle aromatherapy.

However, if you have ever made candles you will know that they do not always come out perfect. They might not be as fragrant or as strong as you expected, as essential oil candles don’t contain fake scents. If they do have a fragrance, the scent might start to fade over time. This is a good thing.

Fake candles are not only a good smell, but can also cause serious damage to your lungs and heart. If they use paraffin wax or metal wicks, they could produce toxic substances such as heavy metals. These have been shown to cause cancer, and even organ damage.

You can make affordable, fragrant candles by following these steps: Measure your oils, choose the right wax, and make the best-smelling candles.

How to Make Essential Oil Canals

As with all things, the quality you use to make candles is important. The fragrance is a subjective matter, especially in the essential oil world. You might have problems making candles that smell like anything if your ingredients are not perfect.

Before you make your candles, check out the quality of your ingredients to see if any areas can be improved.

1. Select a slow-burning wax

Waxes can hold their scent in different ways, although you might not realize it. Some, such as beeswax, for example, burn slowly and emit a soft fragrance of their own. Others, such as paraffin wax are unscented and inexpensive, but they can burn fast.

You should select a wax that is more stable and slower in releasing essential oils into the air.

Soy wax burns more slowly than paraffin wax so candles last longer. Soy wax also burns cleaner and leaves less smoke and soot in your air. Soy wax also retains natural scents for longer and releases them slower than the candle burns. Your candles will smell better and last longer.

2. Select a hot-burning, wick

Soy wax is excellent at holding scents in place and slowly releasing them over time. The candle doesn’t burn very hot so it doesn’t release as much scent. To do that, you will need a hot burning wick.

Hemp wicks are hotter than those made from cotton, and so release more oil into your candle’s flames. You should choose all-natural, non-metal wicks like these that do not have a metallic center or paraffin coating.

You can save money if you already have wicks. If you need to enhance the scent of your candles, add candle fragrance oils. They are widely used to add Fragrances to Candles

3. Select strong essential oils

When making candles, personal preference is key. The potency of your oils is also important.

You might not like the scent of mellower oils such as sandalwood or ylang-ylang, which are great for aromatherapy. However, they may be lacking in candle fragrance. You should choose oils that are strong and noticeable, which won’t lose their scent as quickly.

Although they aren’t the soft, floral scents we associate with candles, you will get a whiff every time you light one.

You can mix and match oils, especially if they are softer scents, to ensure your candle has some fragrance. If you have children or pets, make sure you do thorough research to ensure that your oils are safe for use.

4. Oil can be used more than you think

The biggest problem with essential oil candles is that you do not use enough oil to produce a noticeable scent. It’s true, oils are expensive. You can compensate for this by using more oils. They aren’t as strong as synthetic fragrances. For a start, I recommend:

5. Oils should be added at the right time

The wax should not be heated too much. It can damage the active components in your oils and cause a dampening effect on the fragrance. Too cold, and your oils might not be evenly distributed throughout the wax.

185°F is the ideal temperature to add essential oils.

Place your wax in the double boiler. Heat it on low heat. Allow the wax to cool down on the counter until it reaches 185 degrees.

Once the wax reaches its ideal temperature, add your oils. Then pour the wax into a container. Allow your essential oil candles to cool completely before you light them.

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