Types Of Gifts To Give Your Bridesmaids As You Ask Them To Be Part Of Your Big Day

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Gifts for the bridesmaids can be a tricky thing. Often, wedding planning is a ceremonial role where you want your close friends to be part of your big day and help you along the way. That’s why it’s important to remember what gifts you’re giving them and how much thought went into them as a token of appreciation for their friendship.

Have you made a list of the people you want to be in your bridal party and spent hours looking for the perfect gifts? But what if you forgot an important person on your list? What do you do after the wedding? The best way to ensure that everyone is cared for is to include them in your wedding financially and with thoughtful bridesmaids’ gift boxes.

Here are gifts worth considering;

Pendant Necklace-A beautiful pendant necklace or another piece of jewelry can remind them of how much you appreciate their role in making your day special.

Certificate Gift-If your bridesmaids helped set up the decorations at your wedding, consider giving them a gift certificate for some time away at their favorite place.

Spa Day or Gift Card-For those in charge of helping coordinate things like scheduling and transportation, consider giving them a spa day or gift card to say thank you for their work behind the scenes.

Give those who helped buy and wear dresses a little cash or a thank you note along with some photos from your big day.

Fun experiences-Fun experiences, like skydiving together or renting a house on the beach for the weekend and going wine tasting in the country, could be a memorable gift.

Gift Basket-It could include items like bath salts, stuffed animals, or even wine glasses with the bride’s name etched. These items should reflect not only the personality of the bride but also the style of gift she would like to receive. Some women prefer valuable things while others may want something more decorative.

Personalized Jewelry-Anyone can give this type of gift. Each piece could have a different look yet still be similar enough so that it is clear that all are from one person. It’s a great way to give each bridesmaid her individualized gift yet still have it tie in with the rest of the group.

A custom coffee mug-It is a thoughtful way to welcome your girlfriends into the family.

A spa day, manicure, or pedicure set -A small but thoughtful gift that will help your bridesmaids enjoy the day and feel like a part of the celebration.


While many brides spend months searching for the perfect wedding or bridesmaid dress, let’s not forget to find a little something extra to show our appreciation. Gifts for our bridesmaids should be thoughtful but affordable. There’s no need to break the bank trying to get the best present for your bridesmaids. If you take the time to do a little bit of research and put a little extra thought into their gift, it will show just how much you appreciate them being able to share this special day with you. And who knows, maybe your maid-of-honour will return the favor one day.

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