Ways to Decorate Your Homemade Cake

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A cake isn’t only a loaf of flour, butter, sugar, milk, and flavours combined. It is the sheer satisfaction to the eyes and unwinding to the soul. A cake is an enormously reviving sweet bite that makes any and every festival a delight. And as we know, it is not important to have a cake on every occasion, but its presence brings a different charm to the occasion.

Well, if you tried to make a cake for someone special to surprise them, then trust s, they will be. And they will appreciate your efforts and sweet gestures. In this piece of article, we are going to go through some ways you can decorate your home made cake. Let’s have a look:


A thought for the most straightforward cake decoration at home is using Sprinklers. You should simply take a stencil or a cutout of your ideal shape like round, star, floral and so on. Now place it over the c, fill in the stencil or shape with sprinklers, and after cake top and fill it with the Sprinklers. When done, set it aside to cool and embed on the cake top.

Sugar Candies and Chocolates

Things being what they are, you wanted to bake a cake, and now you are done baking it, isn’t that so?

So, what next? Oh yes! the decoration, the beautifying of it. All things considered, to transform the cake into an ideal birthday cake or for some other occasion, then all you gotta do is have some sugar candy, gems, or bites of chocolates. Then simply put it over the whipped cream you covered your cake with, and you are done.

Juicy Fresh Fruits

Well, if your loved ones are a great fan of fruits, then this is a great idea. Maybe the best and healthiest option to decorate your cake. Take fruits that you like, or they like, cut them into small stylish pieces and top your cake with it.


You have three options in this category. One is sugar flowers, which are costly but the safest option, silk ones are also costly but not as sugar ones, and they are not edible, and the last is fresh flowers, these are the cheapest, but you have to be very careful with them. As they might have toxins, so before going for these, take some professional advice.

Ice Cream

A match made in heaven! Cake and ice cream, sooooo good! Well, you can add your favourite flavoured ice cream scoops and as many scoops as you want. But, in this type of decoration, you have to keep in mind that you have it as soon as possible because it will melt and spoil the cake.

There are many more ways you can decorate your homemade cake; these were just a few of them. You can opt from these or can invent your own as well. And if you don’t know how to bake or don’t have the time, then you can simply order cake online in Bangalore, Chennai, etc, and enjoy it with your friends and family members.

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