Why car park barriers are necessary

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Owning a car park can be quite tedious. But installing automatic car park barriers can help in the smooth functioning of the car park. These barriers can increase the speed and efficiency of the car park. The car park barriers are also a necessity that can protect pedestrian life to a great extent.

Types of automatic car park barriers

  • Entry barriers: These are the most common types of barriers kept at the entrance of a car park facility. They should fit the size of both the width of the lanes in the car park if the car park is a multi-storey car park.
  • Exit barriers: Similar to entry barriers, these are easy to use and also very reliable. Get LED lights and stripes underneath installed so that they are visible when in use. You can also install a camera and remote control for added security.

What is an Armco barrier?

Armco crash barriers surround racetrack or highway locations. They protect the drivers and the crowd from accidents.

 This crash barrier system is durable and resilient with beam and joint strength that absorbs impact. Armco crash barriers have three parts: posts, beams and ends.

Benefits of Armco barriers

  • Reduces impact of collision: Such barriers get designed to reduce the collision impact of a vehicle. Armco barriers, made of corrugated steel, can help in absorbing the impact of the collision.
  • Budget-friendly: When compared with other forms of protection, Armco barriers are inexpensive. They provide safety at the workplace either in the warehouse, in the car park or anywhere else.
  • Quick to install: Armco barriers have standard parts that suit the circumstances. The installation is easy. There are no complicated drawings which may need consideration.
  • Versatile: It is a versatile option for protecting people and property against any harm from vehicles, which may be accidental or intentional.

Where car barriers can be placed:

 . Workplace car parks: In a workplace, people move their vehicles more frequently to make their way back home. Accidents in workplace car parks can be avoided by installing car barriers.

 . Warehouses: Heavy equipment and machinery used for stocking are used in warehouses. Hence, to move such heavy goods, risk factors of goods hitting and falling on people are high. Having a barrier can prevent such accidents.

 . Forklifts: Forklifts may collide with workers, shelving or machinery. It may cause high spend in repairing something that gets damaged in the collision. Installing a barrier will not only offer protection but can also minimise the chances of an accident.

 .For agriculture use: Armco barriers offer excellent protection when it comes to agriculture. The uses of it in agriculture are:

  • Protect animals, machinery and workers
  • Contain and segregate livestock
  • Contain larger animals where fencing is not too effective

 Besides all of this, Armco barriers offer the option of customisation. It is cost-effective and tends to be useful when protecting large areas.

How to get Armco barriers installed

 The best option of getting Armco barriers installed is to seek professional help. They can take all steps necessary to ensure that the barriers get fixed in the best possible way by using the right equipment.

 Armco barriers installed on a busy road help in pedestrian safety from collision by vehicles. They are coated in zinc to prevent rust, which makes them an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use.

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