7 Rain Day Essentials for a Stylish Tour Outside

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Is it raining and you have a plan to go outside? This could be little difficult especially if you don’t have proper clothes for the rainy season. Choosing right rain clothes is not easy. There are some overcoats and simple hoodies with water-resistance features. These are not enough to celebrate the rain day. Coupon. ae tells the best styles and choices for these days. Find a Splash coupon code immediately and shop best clothes and accessories for rainy days. Here are the amazing picks for girls who want to love the rain without compromising fashion.

Lawrence Waterproof Raincoat:

First of all, we would like to say thanks to BODEN USA for such an incredible piece. This raincoat is an interesting pick for stylish girls. It has a multicolored external layer making the coat more attractive. The wide pockets covered with waterproof covers let you keep mobiles, and other important things.

Washed Blue Anorak:

Wearing an anorak is good. It serves as a multipurpose raincoat. It is good for casual as well as hiking in the rainy days. Don’t forget to pack your anorak especially if you have a plan to conquer the heights in rainy days. Buy this beautiful blue anorak with Splash coupon code and enjoy its multiple features.

Marilyn Plaid Trench Coat:

Well, this trench coat is famous in UAE and other Middle East countries. It is according to the traditional styles and it knows how to give you full coverage. This classic print in plaid becomes more attractive when girls use the belt. Some users say that it is more similar to menswear but we suggest focusing on the feminine touch. Slip this trench coat on a special animal print dress such as Leopard Print and get contrasting mix up.

Mink Vinyl Bucket Hat:

Think about wearing a beautiful hat before you go in rain. This bucket hat is good for the drizzling. It keeps the head and hair dry while offering a unique look. Prefer the hat that resembles with your skin tone. The bucket hat is available in different colors and designs. Girls should choose the one that is an excellent combination for their rainy day dress.

Denim Core Jacket:

Denim fans can’t resist for a single day without jeans. Rainy day may ask them to compromise but there is no reason to do it. We at Coupon.ae suggest using Splash coupon code for a wide range of affordable denim collection. Purchase core jackets by Denim and enjoy the cozy look.

Coral Backpack:

Today, girls move out with lots of materials including mobile phone, laptop, and other gadgets. Keeping the coral backpack lets them pack everything in a water-resistant backpack. This will become your new friend by offering great protection.

Grey Rain Mac:

Well, this mac is a stylish raincoat having simple design. Girls who love single color raincoats for casual use should choose grey rain mac. Pair this raincoat with variety of casual outfits such asskirts and t-shirts. You can also wear it as a long shirt.

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