7 Traditional New Year Cake Around The Globe

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What is the first thing that strikes your mind when we talk about New Year’s Eve? Most of you will agree on it being the family functions and the crazy parties. New Year is a day when we can sit back and relax every second of the day, recollecting beautiful memories of the past year. It is among those days when we reflect on our past actions and narrow down to all the good and evil we have done to others, including all the lessons we have learned. We reach out to our long-forgotten friends and relatives to make up for all the lost occasions and events. It is a day we replenish and rejuvenate our relationships and carry them forth in the New Year with newly structured bonds.

Parties and traditions get together are nothing without a giant special cake. Cakes can spice up your party arrangements in an instant. They are an important ingredient to make any party a memorable one. A good cake can be a great conversation starter and increase the engagement between the people at your party. Now a day there are so many places to get a delicious cake from, you can surf your local markets for the best bakery and order one from there, or you can now even opt for New Year cake online without any fuss.

Every cake has its origins, history, and traditions, an essential but each cake is equally delicious as well irrespective of the place of their creation. Let us narrow down a few nominated cakes that are great for any New Year party or a get together of a family.

India Mawa Cake:

It is a milk-based non-spongy cake that is usually served with hot tea. This is an Indian special cake and is traditionally considered under milk-based sweet items. Its main ingredients include delicious nuts like almonds, cashews, etc. This is an entirely vegetarian dish and goes well on all occasions. When you have it, you won’t just go for one slice, that’s our assurance.

Black or Dark Chocolate Cake:

Who doesn’t like chocolates; it is a flavor that we have been relishing since birth. Dark chocolate is a healthier variant of other chocolate kind and has a lot of health benefits as well. When added in the right proportion, it can taste heavenly. Truffle chocolate cake is one such cake prepared by Dark chocolate and tastes divine when it is sliced and heated a bit in the microwave. It just melts in your mouth.

Brown Plum Fruit Cake:

There are wide variants to this cake, two of which are the dry fruits one and the fresh fruits one. It is highly famous in India and has now expanded its influence over other countries as well. Apart from New Year, this cake is extensively enjoyed during Christmas as well. This cake has a delicious aroma and as it is not creamy, it is comparatively easy to carry and is light to your stomach. This is an excellent option for the ones that don’t enjoy the thick cream icing on the cakes.

Strong Coffee Cake:

Coffee cakes are new to the market but have since made a prominent and, excellent place in the markets for them. It is a great option for all the coffee fanatics out there. The flavor of coffee adds a rich and delicious taste to the cake. You can further season it with a little chocolate and it will taste delicious.

Tangy Lemon Cake:

This is a sweet and buttery cake with a tangy fragrance of lemon. This yellow gel-covered delight tastes delicious and can be one of the most unique and different options for your new year’s party. A sugary lemon glaze is poured all over this cake and is allowed to drip down for that dramatic effect.

Universal Vanilla Cake:

This is an evergreen cake and can settle down effectively at any celebration. These cakes taste divine just as the vanilla custards that we are having since childhood. It is the safest option to go for while opting for a cake for your New Year’s Party.

Rainbow Cake:

The Jewish people have originated rainbow cakes. It was first created keeping in mind the Italy flag. Rainbow does not particularly define a flavor but is actually the decoration of the cake. You can use any flavor icing and add different colors to create this delight.

Cakes are an essential essence of every party celebration. So surf the internet and order that perfect three-layered christmas cake online for that mind-blowing party that you have planned for your loved ones. Make sure that when you order one, you carefully study the store and then opt for the same.

A very Happy and Blessed New Year to you!!

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