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General Electric Appliances is an amalgamation of multiple house of brands. It is a conglomeration of Haier, Monogram, GE, Hotpoint, Cafe, and GE Profile, which have their own unique identities that suit and complement your lifestyle. Every dependable appliance requires maintenance or an occasional repair.

Various support and repair services offer qualified technicians to repair and maintain the general electric appliance parts. Multiple factors determine the failure of the appliance parts. The article will provide you information about GE appliance parts.

A Guide to Locate a General Electric Appliance Part Model and Serial Numbers

Here are a few possible places to spot the serial or model tag location on the general electric appliance replacement parts-

  • Behind the door, on the frontal side of the frame
  • Either centered or towards the right side, under the lift-up styles like the cook-top
  • Front of the fame, inside the drawer
  • For electric coil only- check under the left-front surface unit.
  • Check on the left leg section behind the kick panel or the drawer.

General Electric Appliances Parts Search

The most common method to search your appliance part is by entering your model number on the company’s website to get a full list of repair parts, including parts diagrams of your general electric appliance. A few ways to help find your model number-

  • The appliance model number always starts with a letter
  • Do not include spaces when typing the model series
  • Include both letters and numbers into the search option
  • Locate the model number or series on the inside of the appliance
  • The model number is usually found as a square or rectangle; however, the size and shape varies

General Electric Appliances Parts Available

Here are a few essential general electric appliance parts available along with the part number-

  • Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor, also known as a thermistor, helps to detect the temperature inside the refrigerator. This is the replacement part for a fridge that doesn’t warm or cool properly.

The Part Number is WR55X10025.

  • Drum Bearing Slide – Green

The single green drum bearing a slide is attached to the bearing’s outer side to support the frontal side of the drum as it rotates. This is the replacement part for a dryer that makes loud noises. The Part Number is WE1M1067.

  • Rack Slide End Cap

The white rack track top is usually used for an upper dishrack track to prevent the rack from sliding off the side rail it is mounted on. The Part Number is WD12X10304.

  • Lower Rack Wheel Kit- A Pack of 8

The lower rack wheel kit is a replacement part if your dish rack is not moving in and out of the dishwasher properly due to a missing or broken wheel. The Part Number is WD35X21038.


General electric appliance parts undergo problems such as defects in the materials, original repair, etc. It is essential to seek support from a certified and experienced technician to diagnose the problem. This article will guide you through the crucial steps related to GS appliance parts.

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