All You Want to Know About Crystal Chandeliers Kitchen Island Lighting

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The kitchen is a prime location where households prefer to install chandeliers.  Crystal chandeliers kitchen island lighting is one of the design variations of a chandelier that is popular among people. It is divided into small chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling lights and chandeliers.

This article provides you all the information you need to choose the perfect crystal chandelier.

Where you can find kitchen island chandeliers?

There are several local and online stores where you can chandeliers in varying colors, design patterns, shapes, sizes, and efficiency. Sofary is the leading seller of beautiful and customizable chandeliers. At, you can find a remarkable collection of the crystal chandelier. Some of these are:

  • Rectangular Crystal Chandelier
  • Rectangular/ Sphere Raindrop Crystal Pendant Light Chandelier
  • Kitchen Island Crystal Chandelier
  • Round Modern Rustic Crystal Chandelier
  • 3D Colourful Glass Fireworks ART Pendant Light
  • Double C Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Light – Customizable
  • 2 Rings & 3 Rings Pendant Light Fixture
  • Round Base Bubble Glass Chandelier – Ceiling Lights
  • Raindrop Island Chandelier Crystal Pendant Light, and more

Popular Types of Chandeliers for Kitchen

Linear Pendant LED Lighting:

This type of crystal island chandelier looks a lot attractive.  It is not just very convenient to install, but also requires low maintenance. It has LED linear pendants that make it a fabulous solution for active households.

Geometric LED Linear Pendant Lights:

This chandelier has got simple lines that intersect a sleek ring light. Each of these suspension strigs enables plenty of flexibility to suit the height of your kitchen ceiling.

Curvy White Linear Pendant Fixture:

This type of lighting design gives you a smooth sculptural appeal. It has a sleek minimalist shape. The housing curves a little outward that enhances its visual appeal.

Linear Suspension Chandelier

This lighting fixture creates a dramatic look for lofty spaces, which suspends several multiple linear pendants. It is a perfect accessory that creates a bold lighting central point to effectively lighten your kitchen.

Flat Linear Suspension Light:

This type of lighting fixture comprises a flat LED panel. This suspension light helps casts uniform illumination spread over large-sized surfaces. They are perfect for illuminating a kitchen island. Cable locking pins offer a higher level of flexibility to users.

Geometric Linear Suspension Chandelier:

This chandelier cuts a fancy geometric profile with its interlacing rectangular fixtures. Users get to choose between white and black finishes to decorate their interior décor.

Curved Linear LED Pendant Lighting:

This is another very popular fixture that features two separate fixtures that curve in the downward direction to create a greater visual appeal without any added visual weight. Users can adjust the wire length to match the ceiling height to modify the visual relation present between the bars.

Long 4ft Modern Linear Suspension Light:

This type of linear pendant light comprises of industrial-grade performance. It offers a high level of efficiency and dependability to users. It is dimmer-compatible and easily adapts to suit a wide range of lighting requirements.


Kitchen island chandeliers are not just functional but also enhance the aesthetics of a place. They come in various interesting designs that improve the entire appearance of your place. It makes your kitchen not just functional, but also the soul and heart of your home. Enjoy exploring these kitchen island lighting ideas.

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