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Nowadays, smartphones are the only gadgets, which are high in use. We can see them in the hands of every other person like someone is on call, someone is chatting with friends, and someone is watching videos.

Everyone has easy access to the internet. It is human nature that when we have easy access to anything; we do our best to explore that specific thing. The internet is full of attractive things that indulge us into it by all means.

Were you looking for a simple and smartest solution to protect your loved ones from internet harms? Didn’t find any perfect solution yet? Here you can get amazed by knowing what we bring for you. We are going to review the highly prioritized spying application, that is TheOneSpy cell phone tracker.

The One Spy Best Cell Phone Tracker App

If you are going to have any product or service for the first time, it’s better to view their reviews. TOS applications are having 5 starratings and valuable reviews show that their customers are highly satisfied with their products and services. It’s the top-ranked surveillance app among thousands of other apps.

TOS cell phone tracker is 100% untraceable and secure spy app, which its popularity reflects success. Spy vendors highly demand this brilliant tracker as they get TOS orders in bulk. TOS has introduced monitoring solutions for all devices such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, Pads, and Tablets.

It can be used for several reasons, such as establishing parental control over teens ‘devices, spying on employees’ company-owned devices during working hours, and also monitoring their social media activity.

Reliable and Efficient Features of The One Spy

Out of 250 outstanding features, we are going to shed light upon a few of them.

  1. Keylogger

You can know about all the keys that the target user has applied to his/her device. Youneed to send a text message and grab all keystrokes data.

  1. Messages Spying Feature

It enables the user to read all sent or received text messages on the targeted device. It includes all messages, notifications, iMessage, and MMS as well.

  1. Read Emails of Targeted Device

Email tracker gives remote access to all email (send, received, saved, spam and archived) of the targeted user. As confidential information usually reveals through emails. So, this tracker reduces the chances of high loss.

  1. TOS 360 Camera viewer

It provides the power to the user to get convenient access over targeted phone, front and back camera. Users can spy on android phone surroundings up to 360 degrees. Not only visuals but also voices can be heard by using this incredible feature.

  1. Call Tracker

This feature allows the TOS user to listen to all incoming and outgoing calls live and also to record them with a secret call recorder.

  1. GPS Location Tracker

Within no time, the user can trace the exact location of the targeted device. It helps the user in knowing about the targeted person’s most visited place. It also supports in reaching the device, in case it gets lost.

  1. Geo-Fencing Feature

By having this feature, the user doesn’t need to monitor the targeted person’s location all day. Geo-fencing enables the user to pin the specific locations on the map, which the user feels safer and harmful for their targeted person. When the person visits the particular place/area, the user instantly gets the notification about it.

  1. Browsing History Tracker

It keeps track of all searched, visited and bookmarked pages by the targeted person. Users can catch if a targeted person does any inappropriate activity on any website.

  1. IM’s Tracker

TOS provides social media apps tracked for all trendy social apps. This feature spy on targeted persons’ IMs activities. Such as surveillance on chat conversations, videos, audios, and comments.


It’s the era of advanced and fast technology, where we feel our life is very comfortable, but on the other hand, we face some swear drawbacks. In this article, we discuss the most reliable spy app which you can enjoy at very affordable rates. Millions of users use it across the world and share their best experiences in reviews about this incredible cell phone tracker.

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