Tips to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

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After starting a YouTube channel, every creator looks forward to reaching the 1000 subscribers benchmark. But, the road to the first 1k subscribers is not as easy as one may think. This is the major reason why many new YouTubers get frustrated and quit their channel.

However, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to get YouTube subscribers with Leasing software minimum efforts. In this guide, we’re going to talk about a few of these tricks that’ll help every new creator on YouTube increase their subscriber count and reach the first 1000 subscribers as soon as possible.

Why First 1k Subscribers Are Important?

If you’ve already started your YouTube channel, you might be familiar with its policy. According to the refined YouTube policy, one could only monetize their videos if they’ve got 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours within the first year itself. This is the reason why every YouTuber is eager to complete the first 1k subscribers.

How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube?

So, let’s quickly dive into the tricks that’ll help you get instant YouTube subscribers for your new channel.

1.Promote Your Channel on Other Social Media Platforms

If you have a decent social media following on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can easily leverage the existing traffic to your YouTube channel. Simply promote your channel and videos on all the social media platforms.

You can even put out stories and encourage your followers to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel. If you have the desired budget, you can even invest in social media marketing and run ads on Instagram and Facebook for your videos. This will also help you captivate people who are not your followers but can be a part of your potential audience.

2. Host a Giveaway

These days giveaways have become the most convenient way to increase subscriber count on YouTube. Irrespective of what you may have heard, you don’t need millions of subscribers to host a giveaway. Even if only 50 people have subscribed to your channel, you can utilize them to get YouTube subscribers by wisely strategizing your giveaway.

For instance, you can host a giveaway where you’ll reward the winner with a $50 gift card. To participate in the giveaway, however, each contestant should have subscribed to your channel. You can further make this opportunity more rewarding by asking each contestant to share your channel on their social media platforms.

This will help you interact with your viewers and get more subscribers without too many efforts. At the end of the contest, you can simply use one of the online platforms to pick a random winner.

3. Buy YouTube Subscribers

Buying YouTube views is also one of the most effective ways to get the first 1000 subscribers, especially if you don’t have enough social media following. You can look for online platforms that provide affordable YouTube subscribers and choose a package that suits your requirements.

When you buy YouTube subscribers, it’ll help you focus more on your content as you won’t have to worry about reaching your first benchmark anymore. But, make sure to buy real subscribers as YouTube has a strict policy against fake views/subscribers.

4. Release a Trailer for Your Channel

Before publishing the first video, create a dedicated trailer for your YouTube channel and publish it everywhere. You can even post this trailer on your website and take leverage of the website traffic to get YouTube subscribers.

The trailer should talk about what types of content you’ll publish and what viewers can expect from your channel. Try to keep the trailer as simple and as engaging as possible. After you’ve published the trailer everywhere, post your first video, and embed its link in the trailer video itself.


As soon as you’ll start your YouTube channel, getting your first 100 subscribers will be the first challenge. Instead of panicking and throwing arrows in the dark, plan a strategy, and implement it to get instant YouTube subscribers. However, in case you don’t want to experience the burden of reaching the 1k subscriber benchmark, simply look for authentic platforms that provide real subscribers and buy YouTube subscribers.

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