Best Growth Hacks to Get More Views on YouTube

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There’s a wide range of reasons why people start a YouTube channel. While some want to follow their passion and showcase their talent to a global audience, others simply use YouTube as a marketing tool for their brand. Irrespective of the reasons for which you’ve started a YouTube channel, it’s no secret that your end objective will be to build a strong viewership for your videos. 

Unfortunately, getting views on YouTube is not as easy as you may think, mainly because YouTube is filled with a variety of content. So, to receive the desired viewership for your videos and get YouTube subscribers, you’ll have to make sure that your content stands apart from others. Apart from this, there are a few other growth hacks that’ll help you make your videos reach your target viewers. 

So, let’s quickly walk you through each of these growth hacks so that you can also increase the total number of views for your videos. 

Post More Than Once in a Week

When it comes to YouTube, content quality is the key to build a strong audience. But, it’s also important to stay consistent with your uploading schedule so that you can provide your subscribers with content frequently. YouTube’s algorithm works in such a way that channels that post multiple videos are often pushed to the top of search results.

So, if you’ve been struggling to get the desired organic views on your videos, make sure to step-up with your uploading schedule. You can start by publishing 2-3 videos in a week. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vlogger or a tech-reviewer, it’s quite an easy job to create at least two pieces of content in a week. 

Upload Your Videos On Facebook Too

One of the common mistakes among YouTubers that restrict them from getting more views is not publishing their videos on other social media platforms. Since platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a massive audience, publishing your YouTube videos on your social media accounts will help you make your content reach a wide group of people. 

As a result, you’ll automatically get more exposure for your channel. You can even leave a link to your YouTube channel and ask your social media followers to subscribe to it. This way you’ll be able to get instant YouTube subscribers while increasing the total number of views at the same time. 

Post Trending Content

The most effective growth hack that many YouTubers overlook is publishing trending content on your channel. No doubt, you have some of the most amazing ideas for a video, but if your audience is not interested in them, you’ll definitely struggle to increase the number of views. In fact, this is the most common reason why many YouTubers fail to get more views, despite having thousands of subscribers. 

To avoid such a scenario, start exploring the “Trending” section of YouTube. This will help you understand what viewers want to see and how you can add your own style to create trending videos. And, once your videos start getting more views, you can always go back to working on your original ideas. 

Buy YouTube Subscribers

If you’re new to YouTube and don’t have any subscribers yet, it may be a bit challenging to get more views for your videos. Why? Because there will be no one who’s waiting for your content. As a result, you’ll struggle to get views, even if the video quality is top-notch. To avoid this situation, you can buy YouTube subscribers to get the initial push for your channel. 

There are several benefits to buying subscribers for your channel. Firstly, this will help you reach your potential viewers and expose your content to people who might become your long-term follower. 

And secondly, buying YouTube subscribers will give you the required confidence to continue with your YouTube channel and reach your final goal more quickly. So, if you have just launched your channel, make sure to buy YouTube subscribers. If anything, this will help you get past the current threshold. 


YouTube is the best platform to share videos and make a living while following your passion. If you own a business, you can utilize YouTube to promote your services/products for free. But, in either case, you’ll need to get a decent amount of views on your videos to reach your objectives. Simply follow the above-mentioned tricks and you’ll be able to get YouTube subscribers while increasing the overall views to your videos as well.

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