Bruce Weber Shares 3 Practical Tips for Photographing Your Dog

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Every photographer has the instinct to take pictures of everything they find appealing and close to their heart. This often includes taking pictures of their beloved dogs. Their canine friends are often the most vibrant, cutest, and funniest subjects for photography. Like small children, it can be challenging to capture good shots due to their short attention span and unpredictability.

Bruce Weberace photographer tips on how to get the perfect picture with your pet

Bruce Weber is no stranger to the world of fashion photography. He is an inspirational professional who has captured some of the best images of the fashion world, especially during the 1980s. Besides being a photographer, he is a filmmaker, director, and author. In his book – Bruce Weber- The Golden Retriever Photographic Society, he describes his first personal collection of the famous photographs of the dogs he had. This book is a personal memoir and very close to his heart.

It celebrates the unique bond that humans have with their pets. The book described how the deep connection to your pet invokes a unique sense of creativity that offers companionship triggering an abundance of joy and happiness.

An ode to man’s best friend 

According to him, this book has been one of the most heart-touching experiences of his career. It takes him back into time in the past, where he has spent over 50 years of photographing dogs and contemplating how dear they are to him in his life. The golden retrievers in his collection have intensified his imagination and have become storybook characters in his life that he has created with his beloved wife, Nan Bush.

In his opinion, though photographing dogs is adorable, the task is not simple. He recommends you to keep in mind the following tips-

Schedule the shoot– Plan your shoot and take a photograph of your dog when they are in the best moods. For instance, if you want to capture your pet in a relaxed state, click the picture when they are sleepy or have just awoken from sleep. If you’re going to take dynamic shots of your pet, capture them when they are most energetic—prep up your dog by playing with them before taking the picture.

Plan your shots carefully– Going with the flow is excellent; however, it is wise to plan your photos if you want to tell a story. It would help if you showed context, and for this, you should prepare a theme and use pet toys or food to get the desired picture. They also help you get the expression and look of expectation you want from your dog.

Natural light does the trick– Never worry about complicated lighting set-ups and flashes when photographing your dog. Use natural light for the task as it does not frighten your dog or cause the red-eye syndrome that you see in most pet photographs if they are taken with a flash.

According to Bruce Weber, these three practical tips are simple to follow and help you get the desired dog photographs. Try them out at home and create memories with your canine friend with success.

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