How to Fix a Laptop with Water Damage

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Doing laptop repair at home yourself can be a challenging task if you do not know what to do exactly to fix any issue. Several online guides and tutorials are available that may not help you much. Water damage is one of the most common problems of this device. When liquid gets into your laptop and you are worried whether it is repairable or not then you should immediately look up to an expert for  laptop repair service.

Here are some quick actions that you do to protect your laptop from serious water damage. If they don’t work for your device, hire technicians for laptop repair service at home.

1. Turn off the laptop

If you accidently spilled water or coffee on your laptop while working, immediately press Ctrl+S to prevent loss of any document. Now, turn it off by pressing the power button for approximately 3-5 seconds.

2. Turn it Upside Down

Now, you have to work very quickly- turn your device upside-down to prevent liquid from getting into the hardware. In case, water has already reached the hardware components, only laptop repair experts can help you.

3. Take off Battery & External Devices

To keep your laptop protected against any electrical hazards, it is important to take off any external devices like USB cables, dongles, SD cards, and more. Even the battery needs to be taken out. Now, wipe off water from the laptop using a lint-free, microfiber cloth.

4. Allow the Laptop Dry for up to 2 Days

Let your device dry naturally for about 48 hours. Make sure you keep it in a cool & dry place to prevent any further damage.

Once it is fully dry, insert each component back in the laptop and restart it. If it gets turned on, it’s a great thing that your efforts showed results. And, if not then it is a clear notification that you need to hire professionals for laptop repair at home.

For Severe Water Damage, Call Experts from a Laptop Repair at home

In case you have tried everything recommended above and nothing works, you must look up for certified technicians for laptop repair in Noida or anywhere near you and set up an appointment for doorsteps service.  They will check the device from inside and outside and fix this issue efficiently- all credit goes to their skills and knowledge!

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