How To Get Selected for Delivery Job in Swiggy

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Over the past few years, the food delivery businesses, like Swiggy, have grown exponentially. As the number of people using food delivery apps has increased, there is a great demand for delivery boys in India and worldwide. Also, many people, especially students, look for a job as delivery boys as the skill required for such jobs is less and the wages offered are decent.

The primary role and responsibility of the food delivery food person include delivering food from the restaurant to the customer’s doorstep. These jobs would also require you to be outdoors and drive for long hours, and therefore you must have a clean and safe driving record.

Essential skills to get selected for the delivery job in Swiggy

Time management skills

Food delivery is a time-bound job. And, compared to other jobs, you must have good time management skills to be successful on the job. You must be able to navigate your way quickly and have good map reading skills to deliver the food on time to the customer.

Communication skills

When you work as a delivery person, you meet different people every day. You would be facing the customers and having good communication skills would help you get good ratings from the customer and maybe tip from them. The greater number of high ratings would mean you would get more delivery opportunities, and you may grow in the ranks.

You must be polite and well-behaved all the time when you meet the customer. Although not mandatory, you must greet the customer politely when they open the door for you and say thank you before you leave.

Good driving skills

Food delivery jobs demand fast and safe delivery of food. Thus, you must have good driving skills as you must drive almost all through the day during duty hours. You must navigate through the traffic at a decent speed and be aware of the local traffic rules. This is vital so that you don’t break any laws and reach the customer on time to deliver the food.

Other requirements for Swiggy delivery job

You may be surprised to know that food delivery Swiggyjobs do not need any minimum educational qualification. However, you must compulsorily have a valid driving license issued by the local transport authority. Also, you must be able to communicate well in the local languages and Hindi and English.

Although you need not have any work experience to get a job as a food delivery person, if you have any relevant experience, you may have an advantage during the interview and get the job without any hassles.

There is a widespread misconception that there are no growth opportunities for people working as Swiggy food delivery people. Swiggy, like other food delivery companies, provides many growth opportunities to its partners.

If someone works with the company for more than a year, they are given two growth opportunities. They can either take up the role of a field recruiter and recruit new delivery executives or become a delivery executive coach and provide the recruits training about the job.

Final Word

A food delivery job is one of the most popular blue-collared jobs in India, especially for job seekers who do not have high educational qualifications and are not eligible for other blue-collared jobs. It offers decent pay and helps you live with dignity and take care of your family’s expenses.

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