How to make your home colors harmonize like best interior designers?

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They say that every atom in the cosmos starts to sing when there is harmony between. Harmony has the ability to make even enemies work together. And when we talk of interior designing, harmony plays a very crucial role. A slightly bad decision and your luxury villa will wail. This is the reason that all the best Interior Designers in Coimbatore, Radvi says, take harmony seriously. One either can search for architects near me for house plans, Radvi says, or get the required knowledge.

When we talk of colors, harmony becomes very important. A painter takes harmony as seriously as interior designers do. So, how can you harmonize the colors of your home?

How to make colors harmonize in your home?

This is one of the most often asked questions, “what colors go well together on walls?” and why not? We all want to shape our home like some sweet dream. But not all get able to make this happen. Partly because they do not hold the required knowledge, and partly because they fall in the wrong hands.

To choose the right color palette for your home, it is better to make a few considerations beforehand.

Considerations to make to harmonize colors!

You cannot just go and pick any color for your home, there are things that must impact your decision. There are things that one must know beforehand to harmonize colors in a refined way.

Identifying the hue

A hue simply means a shade of any color. Russians are more apt at identifying hues than others because they take shades because they have it in their linguistics. For example, a blue is primary color, and then there are shades of blue that get called a hue. Blue color is generally considered to be the toughest to excel upon by interior designers. Why? Because its different hues get easily take over by other hues.


Undertones are the hues that we add to the base color. These undertones are generally divided into

  • warm
  • cool
  • neutral

Cool undertones provide coolness to any tone, even if it is warm. Warm undertones also provide warmth to the base hue. For example, if you add a little black to the blue color, it will give you an undertone of blue called Navy Blue. Add a little green to blue and you’ll get an undertone called Teal Blue.

Neutralizing colors, like gray, do the work of bringing colors come together as a group.

Color Samples

When it comes to sampling, things get little trickier. What we actually see as a sample fails to provide the same effect in the natural environment. Why? Partly because the sample chips generally stay smaller in size and partly because they get shown in different lighting. What one must do is to ask for a larger sample. Larger companies provide direct paint sampling on a piece of board. When looking for best Interior Designers in Coimbatore, Radvi says, ask them to show you the output beforehand. You can also obtain a large carpet piece for sampling. Know that you must look at it under the lighting you will choose in that area.


High contrast colors provide energy and thus should not be used in bedrooms. High intense contrast stimulates our brain into a sense of pace and thus we do things fast. Restaurants use high contrast to make people buy more and more. Gas stations often use high contrast to keep people running the line.


It is a Japanese psychological theory that works at using the hues and ratios that we found in nature. It is believed that it induces in us a sense of ease and joy. Look for architects near me for house plans (Radvi) and ask them if they know this color psychology.

Understanding the Neutrals!

Neutral colors are the colors that work on bringing different colors closer to each other. For example, if you want to bring blue and orange (high contrast colors) then you start mixing black or white or gray to it. The more you mix the closer they come.

Neutralizing colors are –

  • Whites
  • Off-whites
  • Grays
  • Off-blacks
  • Blacks
  • And sometimes brown and beige.

Using whites and off-whites

Adding whites and off-whites into the palette adds more space to the interiors. It gives an illusion of larger space and thus eases the mind where it should be. But what are off-whites? Off whites are the hues of white that are not pure but mixed with gray, black, or brown.

The general idea is to avoid using off-whites that do not have the same undertones. For example, using a white with yellow undertone in it (yellowish off-white) and a pinkish off-white together is not advisable. This will create a sense of disharmony. Check for best Interior Designers in Coimbatore (Radvi) and ask them how it works. Use off-whites that have the same warmth and undertones.

Using the grays

Grays are achromatic, which means that it has no color to it. It is simply a blend of white and black. However, similar to off-whites, grays can be mixed with colorful undertones too. But one needs to be careful while giving gray an undertone. Try to follow the same guidelines as those for the off-whites.

Using the Blacks

Now, black is something that many consider to be depressing. But this does not mean that it holds no importance in the palette. Place any color next to black and it will render that color a sense of richness. This is why the best interior designers use black to backdrop a color that needs to be highlighted. For example, you can backdrop a painting with black boundary and it will catch the attention. However, do not forget to take care of other elements in the room.

How to place colors next to each other?

When you juxtapose to colors, know that they lend their hue to each other. Place a color net to red and it will take a reddish cast to it.

The general idea is to know what you want and then decide the palette. If you want to create a sense of ease and harmony in the room, try using the undertones that have the same warmth and color to it. If you want to make a room energetic and playful, you might put colors that are at a little contrast with each other. The end result might seem harmonious or disharmonious. You would not want to put colors straightway in your interior. Try taking the sample at the site and see what works best for you.

Try talking to an interior designer and get a site visit done to know what should be the perfect palette for you. There are tens and hundreds of factors that get considered before choosing a color. If you are looking for best interior designers in Coimbatore, Radvi is your name. Go check them out and contact them to get guided. Furthermore, if you are searching for architects near me for house plans, Radvi is your name again. It is one of the oldest in the area and has been in the service for far over 3 decades.

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