Spectrum Internet Prices After 12 Months: Additional Changes and Your Options

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The price you pay for the first 12 months of your subscription is the promotional price. Spectrum Internet prices will increase once the promotional period ends. The price increase can range from 24% to 40% depending on your internet plan.The increase is higher for lower-speed plans and the lowest for Spectrum Internet GIG plans.

The price increase also varies based on where you live. You can find the prices after the promotional period for your internet plan in your area at Spectrum’s Residential Rate Card Information & Disclosures page.

Spectrum One Price Increase After 12 Months

You get Spectrum One free for 12 months with Spectrum deals. Spectrum One includes Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi and 1 Unlimited Mobile Line. Once the promotion period ends, you’ll have to pay for Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi and Spectrum Mobile Line in addition to the internet price.

Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi costs $5 per month and Spectrum Unlimited Mobile Line costs $29.99 per month. So in total, the Advance Wi-Fi and Mobile Line prices after 12 months will increase by $34.99 per month. This is in addition to the revised Spectrum Internet prices after 12 months.

Spectrum One Price Increase For Unlimited Plus Users

If you opted for Spectrum Unlimited Plus, you were paying $10 per month for the additional benefits. Spectrum Unlimited Plus costs $10 more than Spectrum Unlimited after the end of your promotional period too. So the total price increase for Spectrum Wi-Fi and Mobile Line for Unlimited Plus users will also be $34.99 per month.

3 Ways to Save After 12 Months

1.  Downgrade Your Mobile Line

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited allows you to use as much data as you want on your mobile device. This plan is good for people who use a lot of data, such as those who stream movies and TV series or talk on video calls.

If you use less than 3 GB of internet per month, Spectrum recommends switching to a By the Gig plan. By the Gig plans charge for the amount of data you use. The less to use, the more you save. You can check how much data you use per month in your phone settings.

How to Switch Between Spectrum Mobile Data Plans

You can easily downgrade your Spectrum Mobile Line by signing into your Spectrum account online or via the My Spectrum App. The downgrade will take effect from the next billing cycle.

If you think you’re going to use more than 3 GBs in a particular month—such as when you’re traveling and don’t have access to Wi-Fi—you can switch back to an unlimited plan any time you want. Upgrading your data plan takes place immediately and you’re only charged for the Unlimited Plan you choose that month. Any charges from the data you used while on a By the Gig plan will be removed from the bill.

1. What’s the Best Time to Switch?

Downgrading your data plan only takes place at the end of the billing cycle. So if you downgrade in the middle of a month, you can still freely use as much data as you want. However, you may forget your plans have been switched at the end of the billing cycle, so it’s best to switch on the last day of the cycle.

If you want to upgrade, do it on the first day after the billing. This way you’ll feel free to use as much data as you want. If you do it on the last day, you’ll be charged for the Unlimited Plan for the current month and you’ll be at a loss if you’ve used less than 3 GB of data.

If you’re on a By the Gig plan and you notice that the cost of the amount of data you’ve used the current month is more than the cost of an Unlimited Plan, switch to the unlimited plan immediately and save the difference.

2. Cancel Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi and Mobile Line

Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi and Mobile Line will add $34.99 to the monthly cost after 12 months. You can cancel these services and only keep Spectrum Internet if you want. A Wi-Fi router can replace Spectrum Advance Wi-Fi except for Spectrum’s added features. You may also find a mobile line provider that costs less than Spectrum.

Call a Spectrum Authorized Reseller at 844-760-4220 a few months before your promotional period ends to ensure a smooth transition to your new plan.

3. Switch Providers

Many ISPs have promotional rates for new customers. There are likely other providers in your area offering the same speeds and quality service at lower prices than Spectrum’s rates after the promotional period.

If you want to switch from Spectrum and find the highest-value deal from all the available providers in your area, call 855-349-9328. You will be assisted by authorized experts who will suggest the best services at the best rates at no cost to you.


Spectrum Internet prices increase after 12 months when the promotional period ends. However, there are still ways to save after 12 months such as canceling or downgrading additional services or switching providers.

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