Tips for Paraphrasing and Summarizing Content

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Writing at university requires you to incorporate ideas from other authors into your own writing. Paraphrasing and summarizing allows you to recognize these authors by using your own words. Paraphrasing effectively demonstrates how you perceive the information.

Paraphrasing is the simplest way

You will need to, paraphrasing:

* Modification of sentence structure

* Change the words in the sentence

Change the sentence structure

  1. Read the first text several times to confirm that you have understood the main ideas.
  2. 2. Write down your main ideas using your own memories.
  3. Compare what you have written to the original text.

You can replace the paraphrased words with synonyms

Once someone has traced the text directly, it is easy to identify. We all tend to have different writing styles and yours may be different from the ones you are reading.

  1. You can find the most important ideas in the original text by looking for specialized words. These words may also be retained in the paraphrased version as they are key to the meaning of the sentence.
  2. Search for words and phrases that can be changed.
  3. To find substitutes, use a wordbook.


Recasting or restating information from another source in your own words, without changing the meaning. Sometimes the original passage outline is shorter.

A summary is a summary that summarizes the main ideas from another writer. It can be a lot shorter than the original text and should always acknowledge the original author if you are paraphrasing or summarizing. Writers can also avail the opportunity to paraphrase their content online using the free paraphrasing tool

Original text

Modern management mythology is the most common strategy for improvement. It guarantees that organizations will work well if they are managed properly. According to legend, managers are responsible for ensuring that their organization has a great image and is productive. They don’t have to be able to do the job, even if they are equipped with computers, info systems and flowcharts and a variety of other tools and techniques. While they have the rational tools and techniques to manage our primitive and wild workplaces, their rational side is often defeated by irrational forces.


The most common strategy to improve the productivity and health of an organization is to develop management. However, it doesn’t always work due to inability or uncontrollable forces (Bolman& Deal 2013, 2013).


Bolman and Deal (2013) acknowledge that revitalizing management is the best strategy for improving an organization’s performance. However, managers are not always able or willing to find solutions. There are often uncontrollable forces at work that can influence the outcome.

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