Ways To Accessories Yellow Flowers for Functions

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With the trend begun with Bollywood queens becoming wifeys to rugged men who are the global crush of almost all girls, accessorising also commenced. It was talked about madly by fashion magazines and is a must thing for brides and bridesmaids on wedding, without a miss. This trend is to fashion flowers in places of ornaments and jewellery. On functions such as Mehendi or Haldi, they are seriously trending and to look good and happening on social media; you have to keep up with the trends. Today we have come up with things you can do with yellow flowers to glam the haldi or Mehendi look.

  • Gajra

Beginning with one idea from olden times, wearing a gajra which is still widely popular. Girls who have worn their mom’s sarees in childhood know what we are talking about. You can try a bun and tie yellow flowers around it like a gajra; it is comfortable as well. Just tie or hair, play with Haldi and let your flowers do the job.

  • Hairpin

Hairpin does not necessarily need to hold your hair back; it can be added on one side of the hair, parting it into two ways. And you can use a big yellow flower for the same. If not, you can use mini flowers and add many of them. If you are wearing a white or lemon dress, it will look great.

  • Bracelet and ring

Not particularly for the Mehandi ceremony as you will have your hands covered in Henna, but you can use it on the day of Haldi. Make a connecting bracelet with one flower on your wrist and one on your finger and Beats connecting the two. Use it on one of your hands and wear a watch on the other, and you will be done.

  • Neckpiece

This one may be a little tough to make, but it won’t be such a big deal when all friends and sisters sit together. Thread the needle between the flowers and connect big yellow flowers in a circular shape. Remember to measure the size of the neck as there won’t be a very strong possibility for you to mould the size later. With this, you can also avoid a dupatta.

  • Brooch

Have you seen one of the symbolic weddings where all sisters, friends and boys wear similar things to represent a side of the family, we are going for a similar thing here? Make brooch for men to wear on their kurta and girls to style their hair on hands keep them all yellow and big so you can also off your Unity and your fashion trendy thoughts.

These are the five things and only things you will need to get all the attention from people and to style your look in a different, unique and trendy way

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